About Us

Why Apple Medical Academy

• We have the necessary resources, a committed faculty, and years of in-depth knowledge in the sector.
• Our coaching prepares our students flawlessly for admission exams.
• By starting early with our specialised foundation curriculum for pupils in classes 8, 9, and 10, we establish the platform for the upper secondary coaching programme.
• The Apple Academy continues to have a track record of producing top academic outcomes.
• We are the greatest entrance coaching institutes in Madurai, as our former students and graduates can attest to firsthand.


to become a single point of contact for all services relating to admission exams. Having a nationwide network of facilities and providing students with coaching to help them succeed in the entrance exams is done with a service-oriented mindset. to provide students professional advice and direction as they select their chosen pathways. giving prompt notifications about various entrance exams, the application deadline, and essential assistance with applying for the entrance exams

Medical Entrance Coaching

The NEET training programme at Apple Academy is well-organized, and the instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the subject's fundamentals. The Apple school is without a doubt Madurai's top NEET coaching facility. Apple Academy consistently tops the list when compared to the other medical entrance coaching (NEET) centres in Madurai because it has a strong track record of producing students who have successfully applied to medical institutions with strong NEET scores. Apple assumes full responsibility for the pupils and uses special care to help them concentrate in the area where they lag behind.